Working with Jill was fantastic.

She took the time to understand Kendal and her goals while walking us through the college process. Her knowledge of the schools, gymnastics programs and what each team was looking for was key in our daughter ultimately getting into her dream program. Gymnastics is a long journey and without Jill’s involvement I’m not sure our family would have experienced Kendal being a UCLA Bruin.
Erick ‒ Father of Kendall Poston: UCLA

Working with Jill made the recruiting process easier to navigate and helped eliminate some of the stress that comes with it. I am going to my dream school because of Jill and her guidance and I can’t thank her enough.
Kendall Poston: UCLA

With your guidance, we were able to find several schools that met Allyʼs academic goals and had teams that were interested in her gymnastics as well. From the beginning to the end of Allyʼs journey, we really relied on your ongoing support to answer questions, give expert advice, be an advocate and just provide enthusiastic encouragement!

You fill all of those roles so well Jill, and it helped us navigate a process that would have otherwise been very daunting. Please know how much we all appreciate your support and your continued interest in Ally as she pursues her career at Brown.

We whole-heartedly recommend your services to other gymnastics families who are approaching this stage of their daughtersʼ lives. Every student-athlete has a unique situation and you undoubtedly have the expertise and personal skills to facilitate successful outcomes for your clients!

Ally Rudd: Brown

She has been Tremendous!

Cameron received her official appointment to the USAFA and participated at her school’s National Signing Day event yesterday! Thanks Jill for suggesting she consider the Academy and connecting us with Coach Day. And thanks for all your encouragement and advice!!
Cameron Barber: AirForce Academy

Jill knows the subtle nuances and the big picture of the college athlete recruiting process:

She kept the process simplified and on track. Jill has vast knowledge of college programs, their coaching staff, and coaching style. She accurately saw our daughterʼs strengths and weaknesses and where sheʼd fit in. Jill not only helped to guide us, but also listened to our daughterʼs wants and to our hopes for her. Our eldest is now a freshman scholarship gymnast at UNC Chapel Hill. Despite being sore, she couldnʼt be
happier and neither could we.
Many thanks, Jill.
Parent of Grace Donaghy:
University North Carolina

Jill Hicks Consulting played a very important role in both of my daughters (Arianna Robinson – U Cal Berkeley 2018; Mikayla Robinson – UNC-CH 2020) obtaining gymnastics scholarships to the school of their dreams. Jill not only guided us through the basics of recruiting, but her knowledge of the ever changing needs of the various college gymnastics programs was invaluable. With recruiting taking place earlier and earlier, a program that is “full” today may be looking for someone exactly like your daughter tomorrow! Jill brought to our attention opportunities that we may not have otherwise been aware of and encouraged us to think outside the box. Jill definitely has a pulse on everything related to college gymnastics and I can’t imagine going through this process without her.

The experience and results have been great. She guided Molly as a gymnast, and my wife and I as parents through the entire process. Jill has relationships with many colleges and coaches and knows what skills they are looking for and has always been there to support Molly. I can honestly say if we had not teamed up with Jill Hicks consulting, the chance of Molly getting the opportunity to be on a team would be minimal. Not because she is not a capable gymnasts, because we did not have the expertise to guide her through the process. So parents, if you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jill. It’s just what we needed and most importantly what Molly needed.

Molly Cianchette : UW Eau Claire

was a Level 10 gymnast who made the change to Acro/Tumbling and is
being at Baylor University.

Jena Fisher: Baylor University

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