What every gymnast needs to be recruited to a college gymnastics team

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“Your gymnast’s college dream is worth pursuing”

What to expect

This 10 Module Course includes information for the parent and future college recruit as well as any gymnast currently going through the process.

  • Your gymnast will be more confident
  • You will feel less overwhelmed
  • Discover which schools to target and when to get started

Is this for me?

This Course is perfect for the 6th grade – high school gymnasts and can be done with or without a parent. It has been designed for:

  • Gymnasts wanting to be on a college team
  • Parents of gymnasts Level 7-Elite
  • Gymnastics coaches who want to help their athletes get recruited to college

This Course has been designed precisely to obtain results.

We have 10 fantastic modules to work through on this journey.

  • Module 1: College Recruiting Basics
  • Module 2: The Ideal Gymnastics Recruit
  • Module 3: How To Get Started
  • Module 4: Target The Right Team And College
  • Module 5: Recruiting Progressions To Expect
  • Module 6: Recruiting Statistics
  • Module 7: How To Help Your Gymnast
  • Module 8: Potential Speed Bumps
  • Module 9: You Rock
  • Module 10: Success Stories

You will feel more prepared for what is ahead. You will receive detailed information of what you can be doing before your daughter starts to get recruited so she will not have to make fast uneducated decisions.

Get involved now

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“Our daughter’s dream was to compete in gymnastics in College. Thanks to Jill’s counseling and connections, our daughter landed a spot on Michigan State’s Gymnastics team. We could not have done it without Jill. We are so appreciative of her invaluable assistance.”

Timothy M Wittebort

Jill has over 20 years of Division 1 coaching experience. Her proven results have helped hundreds of club gymnast to find the right fit both academically and athletically.

Be the first one to sign up for this Course and receive excellent guidance, a clear action plan and better understanding of the college rules and regulations.

For just $175 this Course offers:

  • Three months strategy to complete the Course
  • A workbook for the gymnast to use as they follow along.
  • Also, a free 30 minute Skype session with Jill for the first 10 people who sign up to discuss any questions you may have about the recruiting process or Course.


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what people say

“Jill transformed my daughter. Taylor is so loving her team, and cannot thank Jill enough for helping her achieve her dream. Please get started early… there’s nothing better than seeing your daughter’s smile and pride when college announcements are made at Nationals!! “



“Jill has vast knowledge of college programs, their coaching staff, and coaching style. She accurately saw our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and where she’d fit in. Jill not only helped to guide us, but also listened to our daughter’s wants and to our hopes for her. Our eldest is now a freshman scholarship gymnast at UNC Chapel Hill. Despite being sore, she couldn’t be happier and neither could we.”



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