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Many people ask me how I got started in the business of advising athletes in the college recruiting process.


I was born and raised in sunny California. I competed Elite most of my gymnastics club career. When I was a senior in high school, my parents asked me if I wanted to do college gymnastics. Having never been to a college meet, I was not that interested, but I started getting recruited and went on some college visits. I am so glad I did

…. and signed with Oregon State University!

Once I arrived on Oregon State’s campus and met some of the other gymnast, I fell in love with this awesome opportunity of being a student athlete.

Unfortunately my freshman year I was injured, but to my surprise the head coach asked me to stay on the team as a student coach.

This began my 20 years of being an NCAA college coach and choreographer.

My favorite part of coaching in college was the recruiting. I loved finding the right girls for my teams at both Oregon State and California State Fullerton University. Guiding athletes as they grew and matured into young women during their four years of college was very rewarding.
We eventually moved to a city where there is not college gymnastics. I was asked by USA Gymnastics to go on the Kellogg’s Tour of Champions with the Fierce Five. I lived on a bus for four months as I chaperoned the Olympians and started dreaming about JH Consulting which I launched that

same year.

I have an amazing husband of 35 years who I met in the training room at Oregon State University. We have three children and four grandchildren.

My husband was also a college coach and currently is a counselor who also works with athletes, helping them acquire mental skills training for sports and life.

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