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What is R-101?

R-101 is an opportunity to purchase videos that are smart, effective recruiting strategies for the parent and gymnast.

Whether you are new to the recruiting process or your daughter is close to making a decision, R-101 will challenge the recruit to execute at her highest level. The videos are also designed to educate the parent and provide tools for the recruit.

How does R-101 work?

  1. Scan the topics and pick which videos you would like to purchase
  2. The videos can be purchased individually or in a bundle
  3. The videos are approximately 30 minutes each
  4. The videos can be viewed at your own convenience

Each video will provide:

An explanation of the topic and how it relates to the recruiting process
Inspiring true success stories of past JH Girls and parents experiences
Personal assessment for the recruit, so be sure she brings a journal to take notes

To purchase the videos, follow the steps below.  Each video is $20 or you can purchase all six for $90.

Step one:  Click the button for the video you want to purchase from the list of available videos below or click on the purchase all six button to purchase access to all six videos.

Step two:  If you clicked to purchase all six videos, click on check out button to go to the cart.  If you click on a button below, it will take you to the purchase page for that video, click on purchase button to purchase access to that individual video for $20 and then click the check out button to go to the cart and complete your purchase.

Step three:  After you fill out the purchasing information (credit card/email ) and complete your purchase, an account will be created and your login information will be emailed to you.  You will need to be logged in to watch the videos you have subscribed to. Please remember this information so you can watch the videos at your convenience on this R-101 page.  You will have access for one year from the date of purchase.

If you have already purchased access to one or more videos, you can log in here. If you have not purchased a subscription, you will need to do that before you can watch the videos below. You will be able to create an account when you complete your purchase by following the steps.

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Jill has over 20 years of Division 1 coaching experience. Her proven results have helped hundreds of club gymnast to find the right fit both academically and athletically.

Jill also has a course called Roadmap To Recruiting you can purchase

You will receive excellent guidance and a clear action plan on how and when to start the Gymnastics recruiting process

For $80 this Course offers:

  • Three months strategy to complete the Course
  • A workbook for the gymnast to use as they follow along.

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what people say

“I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you how helpful your Roadmap to Recruiting course was. I am a coach and was a full-ride scholarship gymnast to UCLA 30 years ago but the process and world are so different. I have a group of girls who are dreaming of being student-athletes someday and based on the knowledge I gleaned from your course I was able to offer a rudimentary informational meeting to both gymnasts and parents. I wanted you to know that I have referred all of my athletes and parents to you and know with help from you and the amazing services you offer you would be an essential part of the team to help them actualize their dreams.”



“Jill transformed my daughter. Taylor is so loving her team, and cannot thank Jill enough for helping her achieve her dream. Please get started early… there’s nothing better than seeing your daughter’s smile and pride when college announcements are made at Nationals!! “



“Jill has vast knowledge of college programs, their coaching staff, and coaching style. She accurately saw our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and where she’d fit in. Jill not only helped to guide us, but also listened to our daughter’s wants and to our hopes for her. Our eldest is now a freshman scholarship gymnast at UNC Chapel Hill. Despite being sore, she couldn’t be happier and neither could we.”



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