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Welcome to your Roadmap to Recruiting

For in a single click, you just took a HUGE step forward in helping your gymnast pursue his or her college dreams of someday becoming a collegiate gymnast!  Expanding your knowledge of the college gymnastics recruiting process will provide a much smoother and efficient path in this amazing journey ahead. 

Major congrats are in order and I am sure you’re super excited to get moving through this Course.  So lets dive in and get started! 

Here are 3 quick things I invite you to do right now to maximize your results in Roadmap To Recruiting:

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  2. Feel free to join my Facebook group below. I put lots of content and videos on this site.
  3. Download the workbook or print it out

*This Course is one video that is one hour in length, so you can choose to watch it all at once or pause it along the way to have your gymnast fill out the workbook one Module at a time. 

*You have 3 months from the day of purchase to finish the one hour video.

*Some people may find it helpful to keep a notebook with information of important items you may also want to remember.

*If you have any questions, you can email me at moc.gnitlusnocskcih@llij

And because you have committed to being here, I KNOW without a doubt, that you have everything you will need to have a much firmer grasp on the college gymnastic recruiting process.  So lets get started and take action today!

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