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I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but spent most my childhood in Corvallis, Oregon. I started playing soccer because in our new town that’s what everyone seemed to do on their Saturday afternoons! Luckily, I found a true passion with the sport. In fifth grade I tried out for my first club team. I remember the tryouts well- I was so nervous and wasn’t sure I was good enough to play at that level. After making the team, I knew that I wanted to keep proving myself and become the best player that I could be.

Eventually I moved up from our local club team to a bit larger one slightly out of town. Several years later I decided to try out for an elite team that was about an hour and a half from home in an effort to play college soccer. I knew I needed exposure and top competition. I still thank my parents for being open to that experience for me; I know it couldn’t have been easy for them! I was 16 years old and driving up and down the freeway by myself several times a week!

The college recruiting process was confusing and a bit overwhelming for me. I started contacting any and all schools that sounded interesting. I went on several college visits but only one “official” soccer visit. I had competed at University of Idaho with Oregon’s ODP program and remember saying, “I’d never go to school here.” After my official visit at the school, I saw the school in an entirely different light.

At soccer camp you definitely don’t see everything a university has to offer! The decision was still tough for me as I was recruited to walk on at a Top 25 school as well. Everyone has a unique journey to select their path, but for me the deciding factors were the size of school, location, and playing opportunity. I knew that as a recruited scholarship player I had a spot on the team and, even though I would still have to work for my game time, I definitely had a spot. I couldn’t imagine not playing soccer. So, I attended the University of Idaho! Go Vandals!

During my senior year in high school I suffered a fracture in my left foot during club practice. The next year, my freshman year in college, was spent going through extensive rehab after two surgeries. I redshirted that year but was ready to play the following year! Had I selected any other school, I’m not sure my outcome would have been so positive.

I went on to play with the team for the next 4 years, graduated with a degree in Marketing, made an amazing group of friends, and left school with a job offer.

After school, I went to work in Sales for E&J Gallo Winery in Seattle, Washington. While there I helped coach the U-16 girls FC Alliance club team. I worked with some seriously talented girls on that team.

Some went on to play in college while others chose not to. It was after that experience that I knew I wanted to do more to help female soccer players play at the next level!

Over the last 9 years I’ve been living and working in California’s Central Valley. I’ve spent that time focusing on my career at Gallo and taking care of my growing family.

I am extremely passionate that every girl that wants to play in college can find a home to meet her needs both in the sports world but most importantly academically and culturally.

I look forward to working with you!

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