Thanks for taking a moment to get to know me. Here is a quick look at who I am.

After being born in Chicago, my family moved to the Seattle area, where I lived for 30 years.

My brothers and I all got involved in sports at a young age and I found an affinity towards gymnastics. Like so many gymnasts, I had thoughts of retiring my junior year of high school, after a tough year and some injuries set me back.

With my coaches patience, I found my love for the sport again and decided to pursue competing in college. I was fortunate, even with a late start and quite a few “not interested” replies, to find a home and a partial scholarship at Seattle Pacific University.

I enjoyed the small school, great education, and ability to be close to home. We also had a club program, so we were able to coach classes, and I was able to see the sport from the other side, as well as give back to the community.

After being blessed with a successful college team experience and gymnastics career, I began my career coaching. I became an assistant coach at SPU and spent 12 seasons there. During that time, I also coached in the club program, which allowed me to see the big picture of gymnastics.

I was able to work the basics and technique with the younger athletes, and then be able to see how they impacted the college athletes and their bigger skills. It helped me understand the necessity for great basics and technique…something every college coach looks for.

In 2012, I took a leap of faith and moved to Texas to grow my coaching knowledge and experience. I dove right in to the amazing culture and learned as much as possible, from some of the best coaches in the world! I also decided to venture into the world of judging and received my judging credentials.

Being able to see the sport from all different angles really helps grow your perspective and become better at focusing in on all the details. I love being in Texas with such a rich and competitive gymnastics community.

Now, I simply would like to help more gymnasts on their journey. Helping families and athletes find their best fit for their collegiate experience is exactly what JH Consulting aims to do. Iʼm so excited to be a consultant and assist families as they move forward in this process.

I greatly look forward to meeting you and hearing more about your story!

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