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I have my own gymnastics journey and it began in upstate NY where I grew up on a lake. I loved training and continued to work on competing as well as I practiced. I was recruited to Penn State University and though I had some interesting experiences in the recruiting process,

I trusted that I choose the perfect college for me. I enjoyed a thriving college career as an MVP All-Arounder for Penn State, along with being Vice President of the Student-Athlete-Advisory-Board (SAAB). As a captain of the team, my senior year,

I suffered a devastating career ending knee injury- our first home meet of the season! I persevered through this transition and earned awards named in my honor, for my display of true grit and attitude, which are still given to this day.

I was chosen as the only female athlete to represent Penn State in the NCAA Leadership conference.

Following graduation and a stint in New Zealand, I had a successful corporate career in Manhattan. However, I felt like something was missing. I resigned and moved across the country to pursue my own business, working with athletes. In the process I met and married my wonderful husband. I am a big fan of taking leaps of faith. The road to success is not always easy, but I was committed, willing to take risks, keep positive and keep going. I have done mental toughness training with HeadGames for over 15 years, led clinics at Elite/Tops Camp, National and Regional Congress, NCAA teams and various clubs throughout the country and was featured on an NBC award winning TV show.

I have enjoyed building our family of 5 sweet kids all while working from home and even homeschooling the children!

This past year I published my first book supporting athletes in transition out of sport- I am a Retired Athlete…What Now?

And will soon publish my second, I am an Injured Athlete…What Now?

Currently I have two sons in competitive gymnastics and my 10 year old is a 10x Oregon State Gymnastics Champion. I appreciate the athletic journey my kids choose as well as the Lego, gardening, piano, superhero and doll interests of my other children as well!

I look back on my college choice, gymnastics career, injury and other endeavors and know that I have made the best of my opportunities. I am so thankful for the opportunity collegiate gymnastics has given me!

What an exciting time of life!

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