Every coach will tell you these 5 qualities below are constantly on their radar when recruiting:

  1. Academic success
  2. Athletic ability and talent
  3. Coach-ability
  4. Physical and mental strength
  5. Personality

Therefore, if you have several equally strong recruits with these qualities, what makes one stand out over another?

  1.  The club coaches inside information about the recruit
  2.  Other athletes opinions about the recruit
  3.  How the recruit handles themselves on zoom, phone interviews and visits
  4.  A possible unique quality or moment that made you rise above and be unforgettable
  5.  What you say and do and not just what is on the recruits resume


College athletic recruiting is not that much different then the business world when finding the right candidate for a job.  The recruit must be skilled and even listen for cue’s in regards to the head coaches personal desires of what he may say in discussions.  Every head coach has a different style, perspective and final reason for their choices of recruits.  As much as they are reading into who you are, you must do the same with them.  The college coach is often looking through his or her lens way beyond what you might think is important.  Often the seasons prior achievements or disappointments will dictate what they will be focused on.  Be yourself and be confident in what you bring to  a potential team, but remember the head coach is usually the one with the final decision on each athlete that is picked for their program.