If it is your senior year in high school, and you have not found the right fit, you can still be recruited.  While the odds are much smaller as you near your senior year, it can still happen.  A lot will depend on your circumstances.  Which schools are you interested in? Why have you not been recruited yet? How much exposure have you had?  What are your best events?  

Due to early recruiting the bulk of teams will be done with recruiting by your senior year, but yes there are teams still looking for gymnasts in their senior year of high school.   

Below are a list of the pros and cons of this situation:


1.  College coaches like to find seniors who are healthy, fit and have the skills and grades needed to help the teams GPA.

2.     When you are a senior, the college coach can see exactly what they are getting, meaning  you are not four years away from starting college.  

3.     College coaches know which  events they need for the upcoming season.  If you fit that match, you could have a college team interested in you.

4.      Don’t forget that many Division 2 and 3 coaches often recruit throughout gymnasts senior year of high school.  

5.     Some college coaches like to “hold” one scholarship for a “late bloomer” who is healthy and strong and eager to do college gymnastics.   


1.   Are you willing to go to a college team that you may not know a lot about?  You may have make a fast decision.             

2.     The schools that are available your senior year may not be the best match for you academically.

3.      Are you willing to wait until the spring of your senior year to decide on a college.

4.      Sometimes the stress of waiting until the end of your senior year can be too much pressure.