We have discussed several ways of connecting with college coaches, writing emails, unofficial visits and summer camps.  The last option is to make direct phone calls to the coach.  I realize this can be intimidating for the younger recruit.  Below are a few tips to think about as the gymnast prepares their calls.  Also, remember the college coaches can not call the gymnast until the junior year of high school and I always recommend that you send them an email with your introduction information before you make the direct phone call.  

1.     Be purposeful when you make your call and write out a script before you get started

2.      First phone call is to introduce yourself, level of gym, year graduate and club you attend

3.      Always leave a voice mail if they do not answer

4.      Be excited and positive about their team and university

5.      Leave them with something positive and personal about yourself

6.      Be prepared for them to ask you a few questions

7.      They will probably want your coaches contact information

8.      Start making calls when you are at the level of the team you are calling

9.      You can locate office phone numbers by going to the athletic department staff directory

10.    Research the college academics and athletics before you make any calls

JH Consulting is an advising service for parents and gymnasts to help them through the gymnastics recruiting process.  Jill has 20 years of college coaching experience.  She has advised gymnasts to Division 1, 2 and 3 schools and teams.  You can see her information by going to www.jhicksconsulting.com.  She also offers a web course called Roadmap To Recruiting with 10 modules designed for the parent and gymnast to help them navigate the college recruiting process.