Social Media’s Role in the Recruiting Process

Did you know, there are currently 700 million users on Instagram(1), over 320 million Twitterers(2) and nearly 2 billion users on Facebook(3)?

That’s right, 2 BILLION, with a “B”!!

There is no doubt coaches are using social media to learn about recruits. When most think about this it sounds intimidating and their gut tells them, “Shut it all down and make everything private.”  But, should you?

What if you can use social media in your favor?!? Companies use social media every day to advertise, why shouldn’t you do the same? You can use your pages/handles as a place to display your passions, your achievements, and, ultimately your “brand” as a student athlete.

Here are some ways you can use social media to show your best self.

  • Keep your education and personal information up to date. You might even put your club team information under profession/career.
  • Check your privacy settings. Are parts of your profile viewable to ‘friends of friends’ or ‘public’? Know who can see what and plan accordingly. Don’t be a ghost but also don’t feel the need to open everything up to the entire world.
  • Review your photos. Are they pictures that you are happy for a prospective coach to see? I usually make sure mine pass the “Grandma Test.” Would you be okay with your grandma seeing that selfie? Sorry, Grams, of offense!!
  •  ‘Like’ and/or ‘follow’ programs that are relevant to your recruitment efforts. What a great way to learn about the team you want to become a part of someday!
  •  Lastly, don’t forget to review for grammar as you post and spell check!!

There is no need to be ashamed to be involved with social media; the numbers definitely show you aren’t the only one! By opening up key pieces of your profiles you can show off what a great teammate and student you’d be at your future dream college!

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