Now that your meets are finished for 2017, it is time to set new goals and have a plan for your recruiting path. Below are a few items to think about:

1. Hopefully you will get a few days off to rest your mind and body.

2.  Meet with your club coach and discuss what skills you would like to work towards. Skills drive recruiting and your start values on each event make the biggest difference on what teams will want to recruit you.

3. Register for a college summer camp or two. Be sure they are realistic school choices for
your gymnastic level and academic desires.

4. Remember, the new recruiting rule will start Aug 1. So if you want to go on unofficial visits
and be able to talk with college coaches or athletic department staff you need to take your
visits before the new rule is in place.

5. Evaluate all aspects of your training. Flexibility, nutrition, conditioning and mental strength.

6. Read a new motivational book. Pick your favorite athlete or coach and make it a goal to
learn how they stayed focused and strong as they pursued their goals.

7. Don’t forget to add your summer training video footage to your youtube link or website.

8. Stay on top of your communication with college coaches.

9. Get on college campus’s even if they do not have gymnastics teams. It is a great
experience to tour all different types of colleges.

10. Use the summer to sign up for prep classes for ACT and SAT.