Mandy Raff’s Top 5 Reasons To Play College Soccer

1.  Because you LOVE your sport and are not ready to retire.

Your goal is to play at the next level and you can’t imagine your life without a team or the next competition….sound familiar?

2.  Build an incredible support network of friends when you are living away from home for the first time.

My soccer class is like an extension of my family. It was amazing to have a network of people to help welcome me to Idaho. I will never forget my first day at school; an upperclassman from the team taught me how to pump my own gas since we don’t do that in Oregon! It’s the little things.

3.  Financial Aid

Let’s face it; going to school can be expensive! In Division 1 soccer, you are able to receive a “partial” scholarship unlike many other sports where you are either on a “full ride” or nothing. But, keep in mind, every little bit helps! I was able to combine my athletic scholarship with an academic scholarship and keep my out of pocket costs very low and manageable.

4.   Have more access to academic support if needed.

Let’s be clear on this one- you have to ask for help if you need it! For soccer at my school, we had mandatory study tables until you maintained a specific GPA. The additional support I’m referring to is at most schools there are academic advisors to specifically help athletes. As with your department academic advisor, you need to initiate the help if you need it. Make an appointment or drop in! They can help you make sure you are taking enough credits to stay eligible while also making significant progress toward your degree to graduate.

5.  Career Opportunities

What company wouldn’t love hiring a student that shows they can manage a full time college sport on top of their course load? By maintaining a good GPA while playing a college sport, it proves you can manage your time effectively and you are a hard worker.