Are you a freshman and not sure of where to get started in the recruiting process. The best two words I can suggest to you is….plan ahead! There are many things you can be doing even though you may not be ready to make personal contact with colleges just yet.

Do your research: There are over 80 colleges that support college gymnastics. Your freshman year is a great time to start thinking about which schools might be a good fit for you. Size of campus, strength of gymnastics and of course academics majors that interest you must be researched.

Fill out questionnaire forms: Most of the gymnastics teams in college have questionnaire forms online that you need to start filling out. This will give coaches an introduction to you as an athlete and possibly catch their attention.

Personal website: This is not a requirement, but it is a great way to quickly show the college coaches who you are and what skills you have. Don’t worry so much about the production value, coaches just want to see you in action.

Join JH Consulting: I have over 20 years of experience in the recruiting process. Having been an elite gymnast, I was recruited to college myself and then became a college coach. You can call me for a free consultation! 714 222-4397 or check out my website