photo-28 Now is the time to start thinking about the recruiting process. I know your thinking 8th grade……no way! With recruiting happening earlier then ever before it is important to become informed and begin your daughters recruiting journey.

Most gymnast will not be making a decision about college till her high school years, but there is a lot you can do to lay a foundation that helps prepare her for what is ahead.

The key to the recruiting process is to plan ahead and start early. Each year of high school, beginning with freshman year, is a stepping stone to the final stages of the recruiting process. Knowing when to go on unofficial visits, which summer camps to attend and how to make contact with coaches is crucial. Having a purpose and strategy will help your daughter relax and be able to execute a smoother process in finding the right college team.

There are many reasons why I recommend starting the recruiting process early:

*Your daughter has time to do research online about the colleges that have gymnastics.

*You can take your daughter on different campus’s as you travel to meets.

*Prior to 9th grade you can help your daughter set goals academically, then when she starts high school she is focused on the importance of her education.

*Having a plan to attend college summer camps is highly recommended. The best time to do this is the summer after freshman year.

*Attend as many college meets as possible throughout the high school years which gives her a visual perspective of what it will be like to compete for a college team.

I am not advocating making a college decision “early” but instead being prepared ahead of time so your daughter is not rushing through the process.

Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning. Winston Churchill