Three years ago I began an advising business to help parents and gymnast through the recruiting process. I have felt very blessed to be doing what I love. My work has never felt like a job.

When I was 17, I received a full scholarship to compete for the women’s gymnastics team at Oregon State University. I was an Elite gymnast and never dreamed college gymnastics could be such an amazing opportunity. After tearing the ligaments in my knee, I quickly went from athlete to coach.

Staying on a scholarship at OSU and coaching my peers was the beginning of my collegiate coaching career that lasted 19 years. One of my favorite parts of college coaching was the recruiting. Finding the right gymnasts for my teams both academically and athletically was the starting point of four very important years.

Eventually, I moved to a city without collegiate gymnastics and traveled to many clubs doing choreography and coaching. I would ask the older gymnasts on these teams if they were going to do college gymnastics. Many would say they did not know where to begin looking or how to get started. I have found that many parents and gymnast are intimidated by the recruiting process.

I realized my years of experience could meet this need and thats when I started Jill Hicks Consulting! When you hire JH Consulting I will:

Spend time with you and your parents to define your desires and goals for college both academically and athletically.

Help you research all the universities to match you with the best fit Target the top schools on your list

Build a marketing plan to promote your strengths

Design a webpage that is attractive and precise for collegiate coaches to view Guide you through the best timing of contacting coaches/returning emails/taking official and unofficial visits

Help you navigate through the NCAA rules and regulations

The majority of my clients are Level 9’s turning Level 10. With recruiting starting so early, many of my clients are freshman in high school. However, I can start with you at any age. It is never too late! I offer a free phone call consultation. I will explain what I can do for you and how you can hire me. I am available everyday of the week and have a promise of returning all correspondence within 24 hours. Your experience with me is personal as I see each client as unique with the goal of finding the right fit for you!