Summer can be a great time for catching up on recruiting. Below are some ideas to keep college coaches aware of how you are doing.

~Update your website with new skills you are learning

~Go to a college summer camp

~Email college coaches with updates on your academics and athletic progress

~Visit college campus’s, take tours, watch practice and meet with coaches

~Invite college coaches to come watch you practice

~Prepare for the SAT or ACT test Research colleges

~Possibly take summer courses if you are behind or need to catch up

~Evaluate your season, set goals for the future!

Gymnasts seem to be on the gas all year! The amount of hours required in the gym and school leave little time to enjoy some of your other interest. Summer is a great time to take a deep breath and do some things you enjoy. Go camping with your family, read your favorite books and hang out with your friends. It will fuel your heart and give you the focus you need when the new season begins.

*There is virtue in work and virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither. ~Alan Cohen