For those of you who are Level 10’s headed to Regionals next week hoping to qualify to Nationals, it can be a very stressful time. Many of my clients and parents are convinced that their daughters must qualify to JO Nationals to be seen by the college coaches and only then will they be recruited to a college team.

Yes, it does help to be able to say to a college coach that you qualified to JO Nationals and it should be your goal if you have a realistic shot. It does show a college coach that you are a competitor and that you can handle the pressure and therefore qualify to Nationals. But, it is not the end all.

Below are some of the positives you can gain from qualifying to not only Nationals, but also the NIT.

1.  Excellent competitive experience with the best Level 10’s in the country
2.  Opportunity to compete with your Region and feel a part of a “team”
3.  Gain exposure by being seen by most of the college coaches at one time

Some of the most talented Level 10’s never qualify to JO Nationals, but they get recruited and have outstanding collegiate careers.  Injury, illness and missed qualifications happen all the time.  College coaches are very aware that these things occur and are out of your control.  For the most part with technology today many of the coaches that are interested in you will have already seen your footage, know who you are and what you are capable of. This is why if for some reason you only qualify to the NIT or possibly not at all you must not panic.  The NIT and Nationals can be seen as equally beneficial to the recruit as well as sending your footage and knowing a college coach will come watch your practices when you are healthy.

Keep the big picture in mind and focus on what you can control and not what you can’t. If you qualify to these meets great, enjoy the experience.  If you don’t qualify, stay connected to the coaches and keep them updated on your progress.