Nearly three quarters of hiring managers complain that millennials-even those with college degrees aren’t prepared for the job market and lack an adequate “work ethic.”

The National Association of Colleges and Employers surveyed more than 200 employers about their top 10 priorities in new hires.  Overwhelmingly, they wanted candidates who are team players, problem solvers and who can plan, organize and prioritize their work.  Technical and computer-related know-how placed much further down the list.


This description of top candidates sounds to me like the typical NCAA student-athlete.  I remember business executives calling my office when I was the head coach at Cal State Fullerton.  They would asked me if I had any graduating seniors they could interview for jobs.  They would proceed to tell me that their best hires were athletes.  Below are some reasons why:


Work Ethic:  Majority of gymnasts started the sport before the age of 5.  They have been committed and stayed the course of the sport for many years.  Many giving up the chance to participate in “normal” social and high school activities, because they knew it would take this to advance in the sport.


Team Player:  NCAA Gymnastics is a team sport.  Your total team score is a direct result of the relationships you build based on being unselfish and working together.


Problem Solvers: Every day in the gymnasts life they have to prioritize their day by being organized to get practice, homework and treatment done.  You add on top of that a season of travel and they do this many times with the best GPA’s on their campus.


Its easy to see why employers would see NCAA Student Athletes as a great hire.   Its nice to know all the hard work in this sport could pay off for your daughters future.


Jill Hicks is the founder of JH Consulting, an advising business for club gymnast and parents who would like help in the recruiting process.