How do you know if you are a good fit for college gymnastics? Do you like to compete and can you handle the pressure?

If you have been to a college gymnastics meet, you would observe that six gymnast compete on each event and five scores count. College coaches have this fact on their minds while recruiting. They are searching for gymnast who not only have the routines needed to replace seniors, but the entire package would include recruits who can compete their routines with consistency when it counts.

Club gymnastics has pressure, but it is very different from the intensity of a college competition. In club you compete for yourself, in college you compete for the team. The team total depends on hitting your routines with the least amount of deductions. Even past Olympic and Elite gymnast say it can be more difficult to compete in college then it was in club.

How can you prepare for this important part of college gymnastics? More importantly how can you show college coaches that you have what it takes to step in and compete?

Do what you can to perform your routines consistently
Learn to love to compete
Doing what you do well is more important then “throwing” big skills
Do your best to hit your routines at the big meets
By placing at Nationals it shows you can handle pressure

The good news is most college coaches know that preparing you to compete mentally is their job when you arrive as a freshman. Many colleges have sports psychologist that work with teams to teach the gymnasts how to compete. Be open and willing to learn new ideas. I have found that many gymnasts actually enjoy competing more when they have the support of a team. Another plus with college is possibly only competing on your best events which usually are your most consistent events.

Six Up Five Count, can be an exciting part of competing in college. Knowing all your hard work matters. Your routines will make a difference to a team total and I believe this is many times why club gymnast end up loving college gymnastics so much!