Waiting too long to make contact:

With verbal commitments happening as early as freshman year, it is crucial to start making contacts with coaches as soon as you have Level 10 skills and routines


Letting your grades drop:

The better your GPA and test scores the more college opportunities will be available to you. Do not assume that your academics trumps your athletics.



Relying on others to do your recruiting:

College coaches want to hear from you! When you make contact it shows confidence and leadership.  You must be in charge of your recruiting and know the details of how colleges feel about you and what they are looking for in a recruit.


Focusing on schools out of your reach:

It takes a lot of precious time to email and make contact with college coaches.  Don’t waste any time on schools where you are not academically or athletically eligible.  You need to know what it takes to be admitted to each college and if your skills are at their level.


Choosing a college for gymnastics and not academics:

After four years your gymnastics will be over.  It is important to pick a college that has the academics you are looking for and the major you want to study.  Class and school sizes can both affect the outcome of your success.