Now that the early National Letter of Intent signing day is over for 2014 what is next for you in the recruiting process?


I spoke to a Pac 12 and ACC coach this week.  They both said the same thing “now that the early NLI signing day is over, we will begin to look at our list of walk on potentials.”


It can be very discouraging to not have received a scholarship offer, but if your dream is to compete on a collegiate gymnastics team you may still have options.  It might take a little longer then you had hoped.  Many college coaches will now be calling club coaches and searching for the “diamond in the rough”  that can step in filling holes that the scholarship athletes can not fill.  Some college coaches will of course wait till Level 10 Nationals and the NIT to make these final decisions.


Also, many college coaches may not know it right now, but in the spring they could have a scholarship open up due to unforeseen circumstances. It is important for you to keep working hard on your gymnastics, but also keep your academics strong.  These later offers for scholarships and walk on positions happen fast.  It is imperative that you make it as smooth and easy as possible for the admissions of the university to get you admitted.


I would also recommend that you have a back up plan.  You should fill out applications to colleges that you would also like to attend that do not have gymnastics.  This doesn’t mean your giving up.  It is actually wise and should give you peace of mind knowing that you will have another plan in place.  Continue on with patience and hard work, because you never know what might turn up when you least expect it.


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