Whether you have verbally committed, signed a Letter Of Intent or decided to walk on to a collegiate gymnastics team you are still building a relationship with your new coach throughout the remainder of your high school career.
What if you get injured or plan to have surgery?  What if your feelings have changed about a college.?  Your grades may be dropping.  All of these possibilities could happen to you.  What should you do?
These types of examples happen all the time.  It is crucial that you are honest with the college coach.  Although you may have committed to a college verbally you are still expected to communicate throughout your entire high school years.  The relationship you are building will be the foundation of your collegiate career.
College coaches do not want to find out information from other sources then you yourself.  They are are aware that these possibilities exist and want to partner with you as you work through them.  It is never easy to call a college coach with a set back or disappointing news, but direct communication is the answer.
Often times a college coach can have good advise, calm your nerves and help you get through these obstacles.  They are watching how you handle these situations.  Are you proactive?  Do you complete all your rehabilitation.  Are you getting tutors to help you in school.  Are you working hard to get all your skills back?
Yes Yes Yes you should always be honest with your college coach.  Life is full of change and unpredictable circumstances.  With recruiting starting earlier these days, coaches expect these things to happen at times.  Work through it together and often times it can be a great relationship builder as well as a few good life lessons along the way.
Jill Hicks is the founder of JH Consulting which helps club gymnast through the recruiting process.  www.jhconsulting.com