1.  Keep it short:  5 minutes or less
  2. First impressions are important:  Show your best footage possible
  3. Post your video with your resume:  See my website for examples  www.jhicksconsulting.com
  4. Know what coaches are looking for:  Coaches want to see you in competition.  Some practice footage is also good.  If you only show your vault into a pit with no landing surface, they are going to assume you do not have this vault and have never competed it.  It is also best to show your skills without a spot, especially on beam.  Coaches understand having a spot on bars and some tumbling passes.
  5. Show all 4 events:  Unless you are a specialist, you should show yourself on every piece of apparatus.
  6. Show the skills you are training:  This is very helpful, but be sure you are close to achieving these skills.  For example, if you do not have a front skill on beam in competition, show it on a clip even if it is on low beam.
  7. Video quality is important:  Try to make sure your highlights are clear and that you are easy to see.
  8. Simplicity can go a long way:  Remember coaches receive many videos everyday.  They know what they are looking for and will probably take more time on your site if it is organized and simple to watch.
Jill Hicks is the founder of JH Consulting, an advising business that has helped many high school gymnast find the right fit for college.  Jhicksconsulting.com