I have heard this question so many times lately.  My encouragement to you is keep being patient because coaches are still making final decisions throughout the entire year:

1.  If you are a new Level 10 the coaches might be waiting to see how you do this next season

2.  Coaches may also be waiting to see your new skills.  Remember they are looking for 10.0 start values

3.  If you have been injured, keep sending the coaches updates on your progress

4.  Be sure to apply to all the schools you are interested in attending

5.  Coaches like knowing you are admitted to their university because it is one less thing for them to walk you through when there is a time crunch.  Coaches also know you are serious about their team and university when you have already been admitted on your own.

6.  Be sure you have a back up plan if you are not chosen your senior year to your first choice

7.  Every year scholarships and walk on spots become available at the last minute.  Teams lose athletes, injuries happen….keep being patient it will all come together!